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“I want to thank Sue Swensen for the personal help she has given me over the past several years, in conditioning my body and mind with doing Pilates.

My greatest help has come through breathing exercises while strengthening the tummy muscles and the muscles in my back and neck. The stretching exercises have done wonders for my mobility. When I first started with Sue, I was recovering from knee replacements in both knees and could not step up the curb without help. I could not bend over to pick up objects from the floor. Now I can do these things.

My most exciting thing is the improvement in my golf game. Learning Pilates has helped me with rotation, balance, strengthening the core, arms, back and legs – it has given me a whole new lease on life. I will be 84 years old in two months and I plan to play golf for many years to come.

All seniors should be learning to do Pilates in some form and enjoy the benefits!”

~Lenore Hobbs – Age 83

“Stretching and keeping muscles flexible has really helped to keep my body moving with less discomfort caused by my fibromyalsia and arthritis in some of my joints. I’d say the Pilates exercise has helped my fibromyalsia to go into remission.”

~Heidi Dixon – Age 69

“The overall results of muscle tone and the flexibility that comes with the Pilates program has helped me feel young again. My posture has improved, as well as my overall wellbeing is enhanced by the exercise. I no longer wake up stiff and slow.”

~Karen Parker – Age 54

“I was in a car accident in 1996 from which my neck and left shoulder never recovered, despite extensive physical therapy and many doctors. I was in pain constantly. I discovered Pilates and immediately felt that it was the internal healing and stretching my muscles needed, and within 6 months, I was pain-free. That was 11 years ago and I continue to benefit and improve from the Pilates method. It changed my life.”

~Stephanie Weibel

“I am really happy that I am getting the strengthening that my body needs. When I first came to Pilates, I had terrific pain due to a bulging disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. I am now free of that pain.”

~Karla Christensen

“I have to thank the Pilates Method of exercise for getting me back on my feet. I had a bakers cyst on the back of my left knee. The Pilates work has gotten all the fluid out of the knee and it is back to normal.”

~Karen Kennedy – Age 64

“Although I have a gym membership and do a “circuit” of machines for fitness, nothing I’ve ever done has helped me focus on precision of movement as Pilates does. This focus on the smallest movement increase my awareness of muscles in an amazing way so that gradually through practice my overall strength has increased without pushing a muscle to exhaustion as in using weights. Pilates has gently increased my overall wellness and fitness and has become essential to my wellbeing.”

~L’Deane Trueblood – Age 79

“It’s a great feeling to feel your inner self again, to feel your abs at work and to use this feeling throughout the day even when driving my car. I love it!!”

~Kim Topalian – Age 47