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Class Descriptions

Group Mat/Tower Class: Basic Pilates Mat Class with the addition of resistance exercises using springs for arms and legs, as well as the use of the push thru bar and breathing adds variety, interest and challenge to the Mat Class, expanding the programming possibilities.

Group Mixed Equipment: A class for all levels. Perfect for the beginner who wants to learn to use the Pilates equipment. Depending on the attendees that day, we will use the Reformer, Chairs (Wunda) and Towers. Some experience on a Reformer is recommended (not required), in order for familiarity with the adjustable straps, springs and carriage system.

Pilates Conditioning: Pilates based class amazing for anyone looking for more strength and flexibility.

Pilates Barre: A multi-level class that provides a challenging cross-training workout with modifications offered for any body or fitness level. Barre classes combine ballet with Pilates and will give you a fun, energetic workout with the end result being a strong, lean body.



Yoga: Yoga instruction is a combination of Hatha and Ashtanga styles of Yoga.  This class is held at Westside Studio (170 N 400 E)

All classes are open level unless noted otherwise

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