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A big part of what makes a successful business is the people that run it; Pilates on Main has the best of the best trainers in the St. George area. All of our trainers are qualified through Power Pilates of New York, recognized as the Harvard of Pilates certifying body. Pilates on Main’s teachers are educated in the classical method and have a loyalty to this technique as they guide their clients through the Pilates method.

Our mission of excellence will help with the discovery of your inner strength, transforming your mind and body, increasing stamina; all of which will improve your overall health and well being. You will see a transformation of your body from inside out. Improved posture with a visibly leaner, toned body. Energy levels will dramatically increase. People with back pain and other physical ailments will notice a decrease in the pain as their mobility and range of motion increase. You will see and feel the transformation and others around you will also notice.

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